Current Collections makes environmental art with Lovett School

DSC_2211                                     DSC_2265

August 2015, Embodied Energy Studio brought the Current Collections project to the 5th and 2nd graders at the Lovett School in Atlanta. The kids learned how trash travels from their neighborhood streets to the Chattahoochee River and down to the ocean in the Gulf of Mexico. We chatted about water vortices where trash accumulates in the ocean and what they can do to improve the health of the environment. Here are pictures of the kids learning how to upcycle plastic that they normally consider trash and turn that plastic into Art! It was great fun working with these 200 kids. Their art will display on reclaimed fishing net from the Gulf of Mexico from September 8th thru October 23rd at the Lovett School art gallery.

DSC_2348                                      DSC_2289


DSC_2309                                      DSC_2319-2

DSC_2337                                      DSC_2326


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