Current Collections Sculpture at Poynter Park

Current Collections final

Artists Mike Wsol, Amandine Drouet and Dena Light unveiled a massive, colorful sculpture at Poynter Park created in a unique community partnership with University of South Florida College of Marine Science researchers and community leaders. The sculpture brings home the message of the impact of marine debris in a fragile environment and reveals the power of individuals to change it by creating a unique, multi-pronged approach in tackling the issue of this waste.


opening night poynter institute ribbon cut

Opening Night, Poynter Institute, Ribbon Cutting

The elegant and monumental sculpture is made of reclaimed and recycled coastal debris and spans 40 feet across reaching 38 feet into the air. The sculpture is built with a multi-colored translucent plastic skin that shimmers and shifts in outdoor light. Inside the sculpture, viewers experience swirling currents created from plastic bags and debris collected from area waterways by the City of St. Petersburg and volunteers in coastal cleanups. “Current Collections” represents a rotating ocean vortex. When people walk into the center, they experience the swirling plastic as if they were under water.


This ongoing project has been designed to engage and educate the community on how litter travels and impact it can have on the environment’s health and well-being. Educational experiences and participatory hands-on activities allow for a wide audience of individuals to see how easy it is to talk about the issue, positively affect it right in their own community, and be empowered to action. Approximately 2,000 children and adults throughout St.Petersburg and Atlanta have created 1,500 colorful elements for the sculpture.








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