Community Art Making Workshops

Bring recycled colorful plastic bags, plastic water, milk and juice bottles / jugs

Georgia Aquarium, March 22, 2015  10am-2pm Join us in front of the whale shark viewing window.

St. Petersburg Main Library, June 28th and July 19th and 26th, 10:30am to 1:30pm

St. Petersburg Museum of Fine Art, August 2nd and 16th, 11am to 2pm

Dalí Museum, September 13th, 10am to 12pm

Community Engagement and Evaluation

August 2015– Marine Debris and STEAM article shared with 9,000 southeast educators in the Georgia Aquarium Educators Newsletter.

January – February, 2015- Mike Wsol, Current Collections artist, curates an environmental themed sculpture show, Main Georgia State University Gallery.
March 15th – May 1, 2014In partnership with Keep Pinellas Beautiful and Tampa Bay Watch, ~450 community volunteers engage in the collection of reclaimed and recycled materials. Collected materials will be used to create the membrane of the sculpture.

April 19, 2014 – In partnership with St. Petersburg Earth Day, artists will provide environmental themed art for event. A presentation focusing on litter prevention will be conducted by The St. Petersburg Science Festival and the University of South Florida College of Marine Sciences.

May 17, 2014 – Lead by local St. Petersburg artists, community art and education leaders will be brought together for workshops designed to develop civic engagement using art as a vehicle to reduce litter in our communities. Over the summer, leaders will engage the community in making plastic sea flowers and crustaceans components for the Current Collections sculpture.

May 20, 2014 – In partnership with St. Petersburg Sci Cafe, a marine debris and litter community prevention forum called Let’s Talk Trash will be held for the public. Discussions will be lead by the NOAA Marine Debris Program, University of South Florida College of Marine Science and the International Ocean Institute – USA.

June 9 – July 31, 2014 – 100+ youth in St. Petersburg and Atlanta engage in STEM programming which focuses on marine science and recycling waste management engineering. Students will construct pre-design sculpture components and, using their new knowledge, generate messages that will be woven into the sculpture.

July 7, 2014 – CJ Reynolds, Director IOI- USA, and Amandine Drouet, artist, give lectures about the social impact of ecosystems, how certain social dynamics and municipal principles contribute to marine debris, and why a sculpture was chosen to increase awareness and stimulate behavior change and positive civic action – Georgia State University

September 13, 2014: In partnership with the Dalí Museum, the artists will bring the community together to assemble their plastic art crustaceans and sea flowers into large panels for the Current Collections sculpture.

October 1-4, 2014: Anticipated artist panel discussion of the project at the 24th Annual Sculpture Conference on Sculpture, Culture and Community in New Orleans, LA .

Exhibition Schedule

October 16, 2014: Current Collections exhibit opens on Bayboro Harbor, St. Petersburg, FL.

October 17 – 18, 2014: Current Collections exhibits at the St. Petersburg Science Festival and the annual open house of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission’s Fish and Wildlife Research Institute, Marine Quest. 25,000+ attended in 2013.

November 3 – 9, 2014: Current Collections exhibits at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, St. Petersburg, FL.

March, 2015: St. Petersburg and Atlanta artists exhibit environmental and social themed work at a St. Petersburg gallery. Curated by Diane Elmeer.

March 16 – 27, 2015: Georgia State University Art & Design students exhibit environmental and social themed work at an Atlanta gallery. Exhibition will be curated  by Mike Wsol.

April 22, 2015: Earth Day. Current Collections exhibit opens on Georgia State University campus in downtown Atlanta, GA. A campus lecture series will engage the community on ways social actions in Atlanta affect southern aquifers, waterways and the ocean. The International Ocean Institute – USA will speak at the lectures. There is a 32,000+ campus population and 120,000+ residents and office workers in the surrounding area.

October, 2015: Current Collections returns to St. Peterburg, FL for the St. Petersburg Science Festival.