Watch a short video of interviews with the artists and scientists behind the making of the Current Collections Sculpture and Community Engagement Project. Created by Katy Henning of USF with contributing footage by Tom Cawthon of the Poynter Institute.

Watch the 5 day process to erect Current Collections in Poynter Park, St. Petersburg, FL. The interior of the sculpture is made from the participation of 2,000 youth and adults in coastal clean up projects and reclaimed & recycled plastic art creation workshops from November, 2013 – September, 2014. Artists involved in the build: Mike Wsol, Amandine Drouet, Dena Light, Jodi Fleck and Raquel Garabeli. Video created by Tom Cawthon, Poynter Institute.

Watch a drone video of Current Collections at the St. Petersburg Science Festival, St. Petersburg, FL. October 17-18, 2014